Transparent Forex Trading

Clear & Concise Forex Trading That  Cuts Out The Fluff & Gives You The Tools & Knowledge To  Succeed.

Forex Trading Kept Simple

This is exactly what I try to do on this website and within my trainings. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the different strategies.. Keeping is simple with Channels worked for me and will work for you too.

"Since joining Paul Edward i have done 4 trades in the last two days on his teaching / trade ideas in the academy group compared to my usual 20 trades a day 🙈 and i have had some of my biggest daily gains ever cannot recommend this guy enough, honest, trustworthy and simple trading strategies, anyone who wants to learn about trading shoukld check him out "

Andy Marlow
Self Employed

"Paul is a great teacher, very down to earth and is contactable at any time. Unlike some groups where the owners hide behind a logo and repeat other people's material."

Phil Davey

There is No Secret To Trading

Plug Into Quality Training, Be Patient & Allow The Market To Come To You.


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